Online troubles.

Last week"s update to Mortal Kombat 11 on the Switch was meant to stamp out various bugs, but it might have actually caused more harm than good. Since patch went live, some Nintendo users have reportedly been struggling to connect to the game"s servers, locking them out of multiple modes due to the online nature of the game.

One Switch player, who goes by the name of krinax over on Reddit, was able to get a reply from Warner Bros. customer support. The response explained how the company was currently dealing with a higher volume of cases than normal but did not acknowledge if there was a problem on Mortal Kombat"s end. The solution provided suggests users clear the cache data by power cycling the Switch or deleting Mortal Kombat and its DLC from the system and reinstalling it. One other piece of advice was to ensure the game is played on a stable internet connection.

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