Despite nothing being on the calendar for today, developer Bungie has snuck in a hidden Destiny 2 quest on Mercury. Obtained by Osiris, this mission had players aimlessly wandering through the Corridors of Time with seemingly no purpose or reason. With all the doors opened and marked by symbols, many users speculated that these were apart of a puzzle for a special piece of loot or lore. Thankfully, this was the case as various users on the ever-vigilant RaidSecrets subreddit quickly uncovered the first part of this mission.

It turns out that symbols have appeared on the various obelisks we’ve been powering up throughout this season. The catch is, these symbols appear to change every hour so you’ll need to check one of the four obelisks to see what it is. Once you have the pattern, using the photo above, you’ll need to run through the gates in that order. Starting with the one o’clock positioning on the symbol chart you will need to go in this order:

Clover, Clover, Interlocking Hexagons, Interlocking Hexagons, Plus, Diamond, Snake

After entering through snake you’ll enter a room with a tomb and an interacting symbol with a ??? on it. Interacting will earn you a piece of lore, but this puzzle isn’t over yet. Looking to the floor will reveal another collection of symbols, presumably ones you have to complete either right now or every hour throughout the day.

This is because any time you get close to the tomb in the center you’re transported out of the room. The running theory is you’ll need to solve all six of these to unlock the tomb and gain access to this item. If you mess up the symbols, turn around and run through the door you came. Interact with the small black statue to your right to Reset and then go back inside.

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