A new secret quest for Destiny 2 was discovered earlier today and sent players into the corridors of time. With the reward still unknown, users quickly discovered that they could run through any door and endlessly explore this zone. Assuming there was more, users found that traversing through the doors in a specific order would send them into a large room dubbed the “Time Vault.” In the center was a crypt that couldn’t be accessed, but players were given a new lore entry.

Following this revelation, players realized that every hour a new code would appear on the various obelisks throughout the world. Using these codes, players began to visit the Time Vault over and over again, each time unlocking a new lore entry. With 19 in total, many believe an Exotic will be at the end of this secret quest. At the time of this 13 of the 19 codes have been unveiled, all of which can be viewed below.

(Author’s Note: We will update this guide as new information is periodically revealed.)

  • Code 1 – Plus, Snake, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Snake, Plus, Diamond

  • Code 2 – Clover, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Interlocking Hex, Plus, Diamond, Snake

  • Code 3 – Plus, Clover, Diamond, Diamond, Snake, Diamond, Diamond

  • Code 4 – Diamond, Clover, Plus, Interlocking Hex, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Clover

  • Code 5 – Diamond, Plus, Snake, Interlocking Hex, Interlocking Hex, Diamond, Plus

  • Code 6 – Diamond, Interlocking Hex, Snake, Interlocking Hex, Clover, Clover, Plus

  • Code 7 – Diamond, Plus, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Snake, Interlocking Hex, Snake

  • Code 8 – Clover, Plus, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Clover, Diamond, Snake

  • Code 9 – Clover, Clover, Clover, Snake, Diamond, Interlocking Hex, Diamond

  • Code 10 – Plus, Interlocking Hex, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Plus, Diamond, Interlocking Hex

  • Code 11 – Snake, Interlocking Hex, Snake, Interlocking Hex, Diamond, Interlocking Hex, Snake

  • Code 12 – Interlocking Hex, Snake, Plus, Interlocking Hex, Snake, Interlocking Hex, Plus

  • Code 13 – Clover, Plus, Clover, Diamond, Snake, Snake, Interlocking Hex

To string together a sequence, all you have to do is run through the doors in the correct order. You don’t have to kill any enemies and it’s okay if you die. Once you reach the time vault, approach the white floor and press the Interact button when “???” appears. This will add a lore entry, completing this code. Now turn around and head out until you reach the very beginning. Interact with the black obelisk to your right to reset the doors and head back in.

We have no idea if you need all 19 entries or if this is just for those wanting all the lore. Make sure to check back with us tomorrow morning when the believed final code is input at 6:00 AM ET.

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